Sea Doo GTI 2017

Sea-Doo GTI Rotax 4-Tec  and 1.5 CC for your kite and windsurf rescue and courses
Note: Onshore wind with waves could annulate the rescue service.

Sea-Doo GTI 130

The engine that equips the Sea-Doo GTI is a Rotax 4-Tec 130 hp, specially designed for marine use.

Offering a good capacity of acceleration, top speed and not inconsiderable consumption rather than content.Progressiveness to open gas with a sublime confidence, and even daring to make very marked to never have a feeling of overflowing turns. It emits a very attenuated (thanks to the D-Sea-Bel system) sound and is very respectful of the marine environment because it is cooled by liquid.
Note: Onshore wind with waves could annulate the rescue service.


Appreciated by professionals from various sectors, it is an excellent support boat for all kinds of sporting events, sailing schools, fishing or scuba divers.

Thanks to its careening in “V” deep and high floats that barely skim the water, this series is perfect for seas of long waves, cutting the waves accurately, always with maximum safety when sailing in adverse conditions and always maintaining excellent maneuverability. They are models that have a wide cover in high polyester side toward the float, which protect it from sharp objects stowed on deck. Optionally, it is possible to install portholes on the side deck, useful for equipment, harpoon or spear guns..

The WB-620 model has some extra touches, like a double locker in the bow, with top and front access, plenty of space to store and optionally can carry an upholstered bow to be used as a seat. They are suitable for users searching for a boat sailor behavior, with the inside of the protected float, for intensive use and a large freeboard boats.