Mega Flat Water Spot Fuerteventura

Matas Bay is known as the Mega Flat Water Spot in Fuerteventura, a unique bay where the tides don´t influence water conditions and therefore the water is always flat. The flat water and great space makes Matas Bay the best place in Fuerteventura to easily learn Kitesurf or Windsurf.

About The Spot; Its perfect for those surfers who prefer a flat water spot, with pleasant temperatures of water and air all year round, together with good wind and plenty of space in the water. And all of this is only on a 4 hours direct flight distance from Europe.

Personal dealing; We are a small family business, without crowds and where everyone is known and treated individually.

Accommodation; Directly only 7 minutes walk along the beach, fantastic chance to stay in the hotel 4 * + R2 Rio Calma, a colonial architecture hotel, and one of the best hotels in Fuerteventura.

Location; directly at the entrance of Costa Calma and the R2 Rio Calma hotel, our Windsurf- and Kite school Center is only a few metres from the Atlantic Ocean, we have plenty of space in the water for the training kite and windsurf courses and rentals.

… bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, food service, wifi, Lounge area, etc…


The bay of Matas Bay is a natural area located next to Costa Calma where you will find the best conditions to learn kite and windsurf or to improve your skills . 

!! SALE Material 2016 + 2017 !!
 Core and Nobile, Kites and Boards, Tabou Boards from 86 L to 145 L and Gaastra Segel 3,3 qm to 8,2 qm, Manic, pure, cosmics…
You want to know some special prices, please contact us !!
!! SALE Material 2016 + 2017 !!
 Core and Nobile, Kites and Boards,
Tabou Boards from 86 L to 145 L
and Gaastra Segel 3,3 qm to 8,2 qm, Manic,
pure, cosmicsand from 2018 Point / sails!
You want to know some special prices,
please contact us !!

Sales Surf & Kite Material    kitesurf

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Mega Flat Water

A unique place in Fuerteventura to learn Windsurfing and Kite because there is always flat water.

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Trade winds cares the bay during big part of the year, the activity is almost guaranteed.

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Crafts and Jet Skies for the courses. Rescue and first aid by qualified personnel.

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Windless days can enjoy SURFING, SUP, KAYAK tours and SNORKELING. An ideal place to enjoy a day with us and live a great experience alternative.