3 h 2
one person course = will reduce time

“Become the Master of the wind”
IKO Level 1

This program thoroughly introduces kite boarding as a progressive sport. In these 3 hours you will learn everything you need to know about the control and will prepare you for the next level where you will transfer your skills from land to practice on water without any kind of problem, no matter what your experience, age or strength. You will learn how to master the wind.

Our courses are taught in such a way that everyone can put it into practice, for young and old!

With our graduates IKO, VDWS o RFEV professionals, it will be easy and simple dive right into the world of water sports.


During this course you will learn:

- how to keep safe by showing you how to assess the wind and physical location
- The safety Systems, complete theory how to use them on Land and water
- manage proper equipment how to set up a kite with a full de-power system
- Launch and land the kite
- Flying the kite both hands and also using one hand
- Body drag simulation on the beach

The price includes:

- All necessary equipment for the activity
- Transfer: Matas bay – Hotel
- Instructor
Free access to changing and locker room.

Course with one person: we reduce the time to 1,5h

In July & August 180€

Book the course "BEGINNER - 3h" through our website.



6 h 2
one person = reduced time

“Harness the power of the ocean”
Complete IKO 1 & 2

Once you learned all the theoretical concepts of flight and control handling kite on the beach, you are ready to go in to the water for the first time. An early activity when learning to kite board is body dragging. During this “water work” You will learn how to water re-launch the kite, gain power and drag yourself with control both upwind and downwind with one hand and with a board so that u can safely and confidently return back to shore so that you can become proficient at the MOST VALUABLE SKILL IN KITEBOARDING … riding on your own!

During this course you will learn:

1: Water work :
- Enter and exit the water safely while controlling the kite
- Body Drag - being pulled through the water without standing on your board in different directions while maintaining the correct kite position in the wind window.
- Power stroke is the basic power generating move. The purest form of power stroke is used when you water start

2: Board Work
- Body drag upwind, downwind
- Put the board on your feet
- Water start in both directions, power stroke.

The price includes:

- All necessary equipment for the activity
- Transfer: Matas bay – Hotel
- Instructor
Free access to changing and locker room.
Course with one person: we reduce the time to 3h
In July & August 310€

Book now the course "INTERMEDIATE - 6h" on our website.


Independent 9h

9 hrs 2
course with one person=we will reduce the time

to be independent in the water…



It’s time to become an independent rider! As an independent rider,

you’ll be able to ride on your own and rent equipment wherever you go.

The more you learn the most pleasure you will have. You will learn how

to ride upwind, and help you focus on advanced skills like controlling

your speed by edging, changing direction without stopping, self-launching

and self-landing safely. And why not try and attempt your first jump…




During this course you will learn

- consistent riding in all directions

- Change directions with out stopping

- Land a basic jump

Complete IKO Level 1, 2 and 3 (9 hours

1 kite , 2 person per instructor)
pick up from your accommodation

2 hours free rental (if your skills are good; your teacher will decide with you)

July & August: 440 €

Book now the course "Independence- 9h" on our website.

110/99 €


1 hour 1
2nd hour 99€


2nd private hour:99 Euro


“From zero to hero”

This program is adapted to the level of the student.
Whether you want to learn to fly the Kite, or if you're starting to take your first jumps.
The private lesson is the fastest and most effective way!

The price includes:

- All necessary equipment for the activity
- Private instructor
Free access to changing and locker room.

In July & August: 120/109 €
(2nd hour: 109 €)

Book now the course "PRIVATE LESSON" on our website.



1h 1

Try kitesurfing with the Hydrofoil! A light wind and a big wing under your small surfboard let you “fly” over the water! By taking lessons you get 1 on 1 feedback from our certified instructors which leads to a quick and effective progression.

you will learn in several private lessons:
- Safety aspects (walking, bodydragging)
- technical function
- body dragging out with the foil
- how to start on the board
- riding and lifting on the mast
– Lifting and slowing down
– Riding techniques
– Riding straight 
– Jibe
-including one hour training

The price includes:
-hydrofoil , kitegear 
- wetsuit
- Transfer: Matas bay – Hotel 
- Instructor
-Free access to changing and locker room


Kite & Surf Camp

3 days kite & 2 days surfing no limit 6 - 20

Our Kitesurfing Camp is especially designed for a 100% Kitesurf vacation.

Our camp is for beginners, advanced and for those who want to be active again after a long break from Kitesurfing.

We will get you into the perfect surf ambiance were Fun and learning is guaranteed!


Our Kite Villa has all the necessary services such as; free Wi-Fi with relaxing area, bar barbecue.
All in all it will bring you into the perfect surf environment.
We drive you daily from the villa to the spot where you will practice and learn everything about kiteboarding.
The training will be given in groups and will last approximately 12 hours spread over a week (kite & surfing lessons). Besides you also have the possibility to free kayak, sup and snorkel.
We are open the whole year to organize an amazing kitesurf camp for you.

We speak: English, German, French and Spanish as well. Do not hesitate to write or call us, we will give you all the information about the Kitesurf Camp you need.

The price includes:
- 7 night Accommodation in surf hostel and transfer Villa - Matas Bay - Villa
- All necessary equipment for the activity plus instructor
- From 6 people or more
- Accommodation and transfer Villa - Matas Bay - Villa
- Sup, Kayak and Snorkeling
- From 6 people or more
Free access to changing and locker room.



Kitesurfing - Kiteboarding - Costa Calma - Fuerteventura - learn - school - rental - holidays

RENT ALL THE GEAR YOU NEED at our kite center complete kite rig, or just a board or even just the kite, anything from half a day to an entire week if u please, You can choose a kite and board size depending on the wind so this can make your holiday quite simple.

At Matas Bay we offer Core Kites 2017 and Nobile Boards (subject of availability) Enjoy the best material.

Terms & Conditions:
We ONLY rent kite surfing equipment to clients who have a valid qualification card (IKO) and are competent independent riders. if you do not have a qualification card, we can book a refresher lesson for you.



corefree--white-lFree, used,  for sale...


RENTAL incl. Board & Sail (prebooking email & payment 20% 4 weeks before starting your holidays)
1 80€ 90€
4 223€ 248€
7 326€ 360€
9 400€ 441€
12 512€ 545€
*The price not included: insurance, wetsuit, harness


  • Change your material whenever you want (always depends on availability)
  • Rescue service if you do a reservation of minimum  5 days
  • access to locker, chill & wifi zone
For windless days, we have gratis material for practicing SUP, Kayak or Snorquel (depending on availability).