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Szkoła kitesurfingu i windsurfinguCOSTA CALMA FUERTEVENTURA

Wiatr, słońce, fale, zabawa, przyjaciele... to wszystko w Matas Bay

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Bardzo płaska woda

Wyjątkowe miejsce na Fuerteventurze do nauki windsurfingu i kitesurfingu ze względu na zawsze płaską wodę

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Sprzyjające warunki wiatrowe na wyspie pozwalają na uprawianie sportów wodnych niemal codziennie przez wiekszą część roku

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Skutery wodne do asekuracji na wodzie. W razie problemów pomoc wykwalifikowanej kadry

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W bezwietrzne dni możliwość używania kajaków, desek SUP i sprzętu do nurkowania z rurką i maską. Idealne miejsce do spędzania całego dnia, próbując aternatywnych aktywności


Najłatwiejsze miejsce do nauki sportów wodnych

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the Canaries. It has beautiful scenery and most importantly strong wind, which is ideal for wind-based water sports all year round. There are kite spots all over the island, but our station is based in the south of the island in a place called Matas Blancas, which is a bay that offers unique flat water spot with good conditions for both beginners and advanced riders. There is a lot of space in the water and we have a jet ski ready at all times in case you need us. We're near the town Costa Calma, which is 3 minutes by car and is the ideal place to stay when you plan yours kitesurfing and windsurfing holidays. Don't worry, we offer free transfer from Costa Calma, also from Morro Jable, Jandía, Esquinzo & La Pared.

Windsurfing school and rental

We offer the latest windsurfing equipment from Gaastra and Point7 and for advanced riders. We do courses almost every day and have experienced windsurfers to guide you through the learning process.

Kitesurfing school and rental

We have the latest kites and boards from Airush and also a range of foil boards when the wind is lighter or you want to try something different. You want to try kitesurfing, we offer individual and groups of maximum 2 - person lessons led by experienced kitesurfers to help you learn kiteboarding from beach flying to water starts or jumps. We offer also foil boards to ride.

Speed challenge, absolutely flat water conditions...

Björn Dunkerbeck, one of the most famous windsurfer in wave and Speed, did one of his speed challenges in Matas Blancas, in front of our watersports station. It is well known among the locals that Matas Bay is one of the most perfect spots for freestyle and speeding in windsurfing. The first major event took place between 2014 and 2017 in our windsurfing paradise in the south of Fuerteventura island. Matas Bay is on the east side - 5 kilometers to narrowest point of this desert island. This bay is also known as mega flat water spot with guaranteed strong daily wind in summer. For several years in June, multiple times world champion Björn Dunkerbeck was running a Speedchallenge event and Matas Blancas became the venue for it. Every year our spot hosts Canarian Speed Championship and just after it - the official European ISWC Speed Championship takes place. Competitions are always attended by some of the fastest and the most professional windsurfers in the world. From summer of 2018 The European Freestyle PRO Championship (EFPT) was also held here, in which the best riders in the world were competing - such as Yentel Caers, Giovanni Passani, Antoine Albert, Mattia Fabrizi and Tonky Frans. Competitions are always attended by some of the fastest and the most professional windsurfers in the world. Our spot has witnessed the latest freestyle windsurfing moves and will also do that in the summer of 2019.